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Tres Seaver wrote:

Objects which have a no-longer-sane review_state have *never* had
reasonable behavior:  the workflow engine *can't* compute what to do
with them.  They have no transitions (which is why the workflow actions
are gone), and they can't be fixed by the "Update Security" button,
because there *is no state* to whose permission map they can be conformed.

This always worked in earlier versions, and has always been the way to get people who don't know how to script CMF to modify workflows. The rule was simple: "If you remove a state and click the Update Security button, the objects that are in the state that no longer exists will fall back to the initial state".

This has stopped working. Whether it was intentional or not, this behaviour was useful, consistent, and exists in a lot of documentation out there, even a few of the Plone books, IIRC.

Raphael Ritz wrote:

  Not really following the topic, so this might be too naive, sorry:
 Falling back to the workflow's initial state (like it's
done on imports and when changing the workflow assigned
to a type) in such cases wouldn't be an option?

That's what it used to do. It no longer does.

Florent Guillaume:

That's been the intent of the code all along: when you query the workflow tool and ask it for the state of an object, this is passed along to DCWorkflow, and if the object doesn't have a state anymore the initial state is returned.

However if you remove a valid state, nothing queries and recatalogs all the objects, so they still have an old review_state in the catalog.

"Update security settings" is for a different use case, I'm not sure it should be retrofitted into doing this.

So why did it work in earlier CMF versions? I'm curious. :)

The reason why this is so important to me is that it removes the ability for non-developers to do any sort of meaningful change to the workflow. Removing a state and having the objects in that state fall back to the initial state is extremely useful - whether it was intentional or not.


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