Lennart Regebro wrote:
this makes sense.  i'm -1 on the final CMFonFive piece landing in CMF
1.6 itself, though.  the original scope for CMF 1.6 was "CMF 1.5 +
GenericSetup", i don't see a compelling reason to complicate things by
expanding that scope.  if CMFonFive stays separate, then you can code it
to support only Zope 2.9 without having to impose this same restriction
on the CMF core.

Well, it doesn't make sense, because it continues a complex versioning
dance, and leaves many combinations unsupported, but if nobody else
wants that fixed, then I won't fix it. :-)

maybe i'm being dense, but i don't see how merging the code into the CMF core improves this. if i'm understanding this correctly, you wouldn't be increasing the number of supported combinations at all; you'd just have expanded one of the Z2.8 unsupported pieces from a single feature (menu -> action bridging) to the entirety of CMF 1.6.

anyway, it's moot, since you've agreed to keep it a separate product for now. thank you. CMF 2.0 will see all of this converge.


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