Hi Lennart!

Lennart Regebro wrote:
CMF 1.5 and 1.6 five_template (the one that provides a bridge between
zope3 and CMF templates) doesn't have a head-slot. I'm just wondering
if that slot is somewhat standard in Zope3 and CMF and not only CPS,
becuse it it is I'll add it.

So? Is it?

What do you mean by head-slot? The 'base' slot in the HTML head or the 'header' slot in the HTML body?

AFAICT both are CMF specific, so I can't see why they should be part of the five_template. It only makes sense to bridge slots to the CMF that exist in zope3. Right?

Thinking about it I wonder how they are used in CMFonFive products and why they were added to the five_template on CMF trunk. Templates that use those slots are CMF specific and I thought the goal was to write templates that can be reused in Zope2/Five and Zope3.



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