whit wrote:
> sorry for the cross post, but I know there are a number of other
> reference engines out there and I would like to get input as we look
> at moving the AT ref engine being a component.
> here is a rough list of steps:
> 1) move current storage of references to use IAnnotations for new
> content / reference classes. Create a layer of indirection, making
> reference storage a configurable option.
> 2) refactor UID storage to use IAnnotations
> 3) implement IReferenceable to replace Referenceable mixin, implement
>    IReference to coexist with Reference class
> 4) allow for configuration of references as z3 content classes
> 5) deprecate add / delete hooks, replace with event subscribers
> 6) convert reference_catalog and uid_catalog to z3 local utilities
> 7) extend reference_catalog to allow for query by interface.  Deprecate
>    query by reference class.
> 8) deprecate direct access to IReferenceable
> For this to be truly effective, all calls to the methods currently
> provided by IReferenceable would need to go through an adapter ie::
>>>> MyATObj.getRefs()
> becomes::
>>>> IReferenceable(MyATObj).getRefs()
> After implementing 1-8, storage, utilities, how references are accessed,
> hook behavior and what classes are referenceable will be configurable as
> components.
> the two primary access mechanisms for reference information are direct
> catalog query and direct access to the at reference object. Both
> cataloging refs and returning references is handled by the mixin
> Referenceable. Ideally, it would be possible to make IRefereable return
> objects implementing IReference from zemantic, or some other storage
> capable of fully describing AT style relationships, as well as handling
> the cataloging of said relationships.
> -w
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