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 - Ability to make custom views easily

Customizing views happens with overrides.zcml today.  No plone_schemas
required.  This should work for widget customizations as well.
Obviously as we've all discussed this needs a TTW customization component.

Actually, I just meant the standard view of a content type... I suppose that's easy enough, was just listing things I do with Archetypes :)

 - DC metadata

I *hope* Five lets us use IAnnotatable today.  As it stands zope3
provides a very nice DC metadata implementation built on top of
IAnnotatable adapters/functionality which is quite nice.  Although I
haven't confirmed if this works using z2+five yet.

And would these have standard accessors and be indexable in the catalog?

 - A way to create custom fields + widgets

overrides.zcml in the short (and long term) from the filesystem.  But
again hopefully there will be a TTW ability also in the long term.

Well, I meant *new* fields and widgets, really. Again, I suppose Z3 has machinery for this.

Keeping in mind here that the intended actions should result in breaking
up archetypes into separate products/components.  So a lot of this
functionality which is considered standard archetypes functionality
probably *shouldn't* be.  But gaining that functionality from other
standard products is obviously desirable.  Thankfully zope3 provides a
lot of the starting functionality (or at least a lot more than zope2 did).

That's kind of the point - I'm trying to see where/how we could make new components to supplement the Z3 schemas in a way that gives us the power we currently enjoy with Archetypes. That way, AT's internals could at some point conceivably be replaced with those components (which would probably be implemented based on the lessons from AT) and we'd end up with one code base to maintain (or so the plan would go .... mmm)



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