The skin scripts for complex forms in CMF like folder_contents are currently big monolithic blocks of code. All the values needed in the template are computed in a predefined order that makes sure expensive tasks like querying the catalog or listing folder contents are performed only once (per request).

Trying to convert this into a browser view and to split the code in several methods I stumbled other the following issue:

If globally needed values are returned by their own method they have to be computed again and again, although during the short live of a view class they can be considered static.

One option would be to pre-compute those values in the __call__ method and to store them in the view object. An other option is to cache the results.

I ended up using this method as decorator for most methods:

def memoize(func):
    memo = {}
    def memoized_func(*args):
        if args not in memo:
            memo[args] = func(*args)
        return memo[args]
    return memoized_func

Are there better ways to resolve this?

Will those memo dicts be removed together with the view object or does this create a potential memory leak? (I'm not very familiar with decorators.)



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