Florent Guillaume wrote:
On 17 Jan 2006, at 10:28, yuppie wrote:
The handlers for other sequences (like skin paths and object managers) just add new sequence items if the item doesn't exist already. Wouldn't that also work for list properties?

Yes but other sequences have an implicit semantics which is that elements cannot appear twice. Whereas here for properties that are lists we don't know the underlying semantics. It could be desired or not to have an element present twice. Not in my use case admittedly, but you never know.

Up to know I just added elements to the list, without removing identical ones already present.

What I can do is, for now, make purge=False have the exact semantics than for skins or objects (remove the old element first if it exists), but we know that at some point we may have to extend that semantic to provide things like append="True" or append="always" and append="once"... We can probably avoid deciding that now.

Either we make sure that importing an extension profile twice doesn't create duplicated settings. Or we support an append="always" mode. We can't do both.

So I really hope we'll never have to extend the semantic in a way like that.

Cheers, Yuppie

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