Tres Seaver wrote:
yuppie wrote:
What's the current status of the events support?

For reference, that branch is
svn diff -r 40027:40028 svn://

1.) AFAICS the efge-1.5-five-compatible branch is only merged into the
1.6 branch. IIRC there were no plans to merge this into the 1.5 branch
because these changes are not 100% backwards compatible. That means that
CMF 1.5 should not be used with Five 1.2/1.3 events. Right? Why are
those changes not merged into the trunk?

The parts of that branch that have been merged are the reordering of base classes of Image and File.
CMF 1.6:
I've no idea why I didn't merge it also in trunk, I'll do that now.

The non-merged thing is the one redoing the CMFCatalogAware recursion by calling super() and the removal of manage_beforeDelete & friends from Image and File. This should be merged only on 2.0.

2.) The CMF 1.6 tests suppress the subscribers deprecation warnings.
Wouldn't it be better to use five:deprecatedManageAddDelete?

I guess yes.

3.) Is there anything else on the CMF 1.6 / 2.0 todo list that's related
to events? Are there any plans to use events in CMF 2.0?

Good questions.  I am about to post a "release status" document, for
which those issues are germane.  I don't know the answers, BTW, beyond
the fact that we *do* plan to publish container and object modification
events in 2.0;  we won't get around to changing the infrastructure
pieces to be based on those events before a 2.0 release.

I'll provide some help there if needed.


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