A while ago I converted many message strings to i18n Message objects. Unfortunately I didn't think enough about side effects and now the CMF trunk (CMF 2.0) is in a rather broken state:

Message objects are unicode objects, and unless you use a Localizer or PTS that returns non-unicode strings as translation you get UnicodeDecodeErrors if your page template also contains non-ascii content.

I can't see a simple solution for this and any input is welcome. In general I see these options:

1.) Stick to non-unicode strings:

Avoiding everything that might return unicode strings. Reverting the i18n changes I made.

I don't like that option. Zope 3 uses unicode in many places and sooner or later we have to find a way to deal with unicode in page templates.

2.) Switch completely to unicode in CMF 2.0:

Sounds like a too big change, don't think we should try that.

3.) Use encoded strings and unicode side by side:

This requires to know the encoding of the encoded strings. 'default_charset' should provide that information.

3.1.) Encode unicode strings before passing them to page templates:

The unicode strings are only returned by newly added parts of the code. So it might be easier to find all the places where a conversion is necessary. On the other hand Message objects are also unicode, so we would have to translate them before passing them to the templates.

3.2.) Decode non-unicode strings before passing them to page templates:

The RSS page works already that way. We need to touch a lot of skin code to implement this, but it looks more future proof to me. In Zope 2.10 non-unicode input for page templates might become deprecated.

What do you think?



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