yuppie wrote:

2.) Switch completely to unicode in CMF 2.0:

Sounds like a too big change, don't think we should try that.

I think we all know this is where we need to be eventually, 2.0 seems the right time to do that, I'd actually prefer this, even though it'll delay the 2.0 release...

3.) Use encoded strings and unicode side by side:

This requires to know the encoding of the encoded strings. 'default_charset' should provide that information.

arrrgghhhhhhhh.... there be dragons...

3.1.) Encode unicode strings before passing them to page templates:

The unicode strings are only returned by newly added parts of the code. So it might be easier to find all the places where a conversion is necessary. On the other hand Message objects are also unicode, so we would have to translate them before passing them to the templates.

Yeah, okay, it'll work, but it sucks long term as it's even mroe code that needs to be "undone" when CMF goes fully unicode...



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