Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote at 2006-1-25 15:51 -0500:
> ... FSDTMLMethods ...
>But, for some reason, now it seems bobobase_modification_time comes out
>wrong :(
>It's stuck at some date in October, even though the files are far more

Note that the "methods" (like "bobobase_modification_time")
inside an "FSDTMLMethod" do not act on the "FSDTMLMethod" but
on its (so called) client.

The model is like this:

  The "FSDTMLMethod" is called for an object, its client.

  Most methods used inside the "FSDTMLMethod" from the DTML namespace
  come in fact from "client" (or are acquired by it).

  Therefore, "bobobase_modification_time" give you the
  modification time of the ZODB (!) object that happens
  to be the "FSDMTMMethod"s client.

  When called from ZPublisher (as is apparently your case),
  the client is the object located during URL traversal
  before the "FSDTMLMethod" ("REQUEST.PARENTS[0]", to be precise).

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