we are in the midst off creating a Zope/Plone structure for a cluster of Universities here in Switzerland. I have been using CMF-Member in a number of sites and have never been happy with it. This stems mainly from the fact that I used a very early version for which no clean upgrade path ever existed.

I really would like to propose to use membrane for this project (and its many subprojects).

The target release date for the sites is mid 2006. Now my question:

Do you expect membrane to be in a solid state by then?
We would of course be contributing as much as we can and the project would be a perfect testbed.

However I need a strategy how we could go live in mid 2006 without using membrane . (and without redoing to much).

We (probably) will be using Zope 2.9x and Plone 2.1x.
There will be a cluster of Zope sites/subsites but all of them should be using a shared user management system.

I really would like to hear your oppinion.


PS:And we are also redoing one of the sites using CMFMember and I am looking for an exit strategy for that as well (however no migration of existing user data is planned)

Rob Miller wrote:
hi all,

i'm wondering if it's not time to rethink the entire idea of members as
they currently exist in CMF.  members were originally a necessary evil,
because the user folder implementation of users didn't allow for enough
flexibility to support CMF's needs.  now, however, PAS makes it possible
to encapsulate all of the necessary behaviour in the user objects
themselves, and it should be possible to eliminate the complexity of
wrapping the user object altogether.

over the last few days at the snow sprint here in austria i've been
working on a Plone-based product called Membrane.  Membrane implements PAS
plugins which allow portal content to be used as the authentication,
property, group, role, etc. providers for users.  it's quite nice, i
think, very flexible and powerful, and i think it contains ideas that
might do well in CMF itself.

even if the content-based plug-ins are not desireable, i think it's still
worth investigating the use of PAS and the idea of deprecating the
member/user duality altogether.  anyone else interested in this approach?


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