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Just trying to get an overview - are there any plans or code (CMF 2?) to make it possible to use Z3 content types as first-class citizens in CMF? That is, make them available in add menus, make actions/tabs appear on them, let them use method aliases, make them catalog aware and so on, without necessarily inheriting from PortalContent.

Alec Mitchell's plone_schemas product lets you use such types in Plone, though he derives from CMF's PortalContent (as I recall) and manually constructs an FTI.

I can see some great advantages to leveraging Z3's content type system, not at least before they encourage easier re-use. That's not to say that we can't start to write content types using CMF (or Archetypes as the case may be in the Plone world) but presenting Z3 interfaces and offering adapters and get many of the same benefits, but I'd really like to settle on one content type system in the long run, and I think Z3 schemas are a nice approach.

Who has experience with this? What holes are there to be plugged before this stops being a slightly awkward marriage between old and new code?

Hi Martin,

There is no such code right now and AFAIK no one has even looked at it. If anyone wants to take this up and the proposal/code is accepted the earliest target would be CMF 2.1.

I'm not sure how much work is needed for it. It's a matter of experimenting to see how far you can get before hitting walls I suppose.

As a general idea it does sound interesting because it is right on the roadmap towards combining CMF and Zope 3 in order to make CMF a thinner and thinner layer on top of Zope 3 technologies.


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