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Chris Withers wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:
Alec Mitchell's plone_schemas product lets you use such types in Plone, though he derives from CMF's PortalContent (as I recall) and manually constructs an FTI.

FWIW, I think this is an exceptionally bad idea.
I'd much prefer to see CMF grow a way to use Z3 content types without having to drag them down into the mire that is portal_types and the actions system :-S

Portal types and Actions are fundamental elements of the CMF and not the worst parts of it. GenericSetup makes it much easier now to maintain their settings.

Maybe some kind of parallel thing where the UI-level stuff amalgamates both the CMF and Z3 ways of doing things (portal_types/content types and actions/menus) with the aim being eventually to drop the old CMF stuff?

The underlying question is whether we want to drop support for TTW development. I don't want that. So I prefer to keep portal types and Actions until we have a suitable Z3 replacement.

But nevertheless I'd like to use Z3 content types instead of CMF *content* types. And therefor we should agree on 90% of what has to done.



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