Hi Rob!

Rob Miller wrote:
i'm trying to use GenericSetup to add tool-like objects to my site at
creation time.  i say "tool-like" because the objects in question (RAM and
HTTP cache managers) act as tools, but they have constructors that require
additional arguments... the current tool.py importer assumes that the
constructor for a tool doesn't take any arguments.

neither is the content importer appropriate, since these aren't content
objects.  is there some straightforward way to add arbitrary objects to
the root of the site that i'm missing?  if not, how would folks feel about
some slight changes to the tool.py to allow for additional constructor
arguments to be specified?

on a related note, i'd also like to allow tool titles to be specified in
toolset.xml.  anyone have a problem w/ this being added to tool.py?

RAM and HTTP cache managers just require the object id as argument. +1 for fixing this id issue in the toolset handler.

But everything else like titles are properties of the tool itself that have nothing to do with the container and might need tool-specific setup code. Allowing to set arbitrary arguments in 'toolset.xml' violates the current structure of the profiles. So -1 for supporting other arguments than id.



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