Hi. I have just setup CMF2 and am very excited about the new possibilities with zope. I am likely to have a few questions to begin with since there is a bit of a learning curve. I am planning on changing my sites and products to work with Five and CMF2.

My first question has to do with GenericSetup. I have portals that require the adding of a variety of tools etc. So first off how/where do I create my site configuration so that I can create clones with my own configuration instead of default?

Second, does CMF now support products as a package instead? If so where are the packages to be located for CMF and is there some sort of code somewhere that would exemplify an approach for moving my own products forward.

I see that five views are now available for default types. This is very exciting. How would one deal with the main portal template?

Last question has to do with formlib. Does this integration exist in CMF2 currently?

Sorry for so many questions but I am really pumped about the changes and I am anxious to begin moving things over.


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