Hi Yuppie. Many thanks for this help. Yikes with the profiles. Not sure which way I will go. I'll wait for Rocky on 2.9 pythonproducts which will hopefull be shortly. I was hoping the Z3ECM CPSSkins could be used with CMF Default so that views could be integrated into something good and new. CPSSkins is ZPL. I guess formlib will be a bit so I should not be so anxious. It all takes time. :-)


yuppie wrote:
Hi David!

David Pratt wrote:

My first question has to do with GenericSetup. I have portals that require the adding of a variety of tools etc. So first off how/where do I create my site configuration so that I can create clones with my own configuration instead of default?

In general it should be easier to customize a site and create the profile by exporting the site configuration compared to customizing the XML files directly.

A tarball import function is still missing, so the easiest way to use your own profiles is creating a small product that registers your profile.

There are two possible strategies for creating your profiles:

1.) Create your own base profile(s)

pro: This is an automated process because exports are always base profiles.

con: You create a lot of redundant configuration data that will become hard to maintain if the default profiles are changed or you need many similar configurations.

2.) Create your own extension profile(s)

pro: It just represents the difference to the base profile and other extension profiles. Keeping track of changes in those profiles is an automated process.

con: While a diff helps you to identify changes between two profiles creating an extension profile is manual work.

Second, does CMF now support products as a package instead? If so where are the packages to be located for CMF and is there some sort of code somewhere that would exemplify an approach for moving my own products forward.

It is not officially supported but it might work with the latest Five / pythonproducts code. I haven't tried it so far.

I see that five views are now available for default types. This is very exciting. How would one deal with the main portal template?

The main_template is one of the oldest parts of the CMFDefault skin. I guess it needs a major refactoring if we port it to five views. For now you customize it the old way or make your own experiments.

Last question has to do with formlib. Does this integration exist in CMF2 currently?

CMF doesn't integrate Zope 3 features faster than Five. CMF 2.0 just requires Zope 2.9 (Five 1.3) which has no formlib support. Maybe CMF 2.1 will use formlib and maybe you can already do useful things with the latest Five code and formlib in CMF 2.0.

Sorry for so many questions but I am really pumped about the changes and I am anxious to begin moving things over.

You are welcome!



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