Bradly Bernier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Yah Plone seemed to be just as difficult as the CMF when I looked at it.
> Plone has way to many options that it scares me which I know would never
> work for my very computer illiterate clients.

Well, Plone is built on top of the CMF so it has exactly all the complexity of
CMF as well as some of its own, but it also wraps a lot of that complexity up in
a UI that is easier to deal with, and it has a lot more documentation.
Basically, Plone is a user-focused product, where as CMF is a framework, but as
it turns out, Plone has done a lot of the hard things you probably want to do.
I'm not quite sure what these options are that you are so scared of, but I'll
note that you can quite easily turn off content types you don't want, disable
workflow if you don't need it, and of course the settings in 'site setup' are
only available to admin users by default.

There are alternatives to Plone too, of course, notably CPS and Silva, that run
on the same platform.

> Thanks a lot. I will look
> into the Plone Live's book. All I need is some great documentation and I
> will get it done. I guess after I become fluent with plone I will jump
> into learning Python/DTML/ZPT/Zope and all of the rest :)

I'd skip DTML if I were you, but yeah - you'll probably want to learn
eventually. If you're interested in learning more about Plone, I'd take a look


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