Hi Yuppie. I use CMF only and already have my own main_template, templates, portlets, etc. This is good but the initiative I want to take has more to do with something more modern and new that would also involve the evolving AJAX framework that will be included in the Z3ECM.

I'll spend a bit of time with this to see what it will need but like I say, when it comes to the bridge itself, I will likely need help. Like Yens has indicated, this would likely mean an add on product but I feel it is one of the only viable solutions to move into total Z3 views and Z3 portlets together with CMF. But also something very nice.


uppie wrote:
Hi David!

David Pratt wrote:

Hi Yuppie. Is there some interest in having CPSSkins V3 work together with CMF in the new release? The CMF on its own is still very nice framework but it would be nice if it was usable with a new skin. CPSSkins V3 is ZPL. The old default templates are really not pretty but CPSSkins could give CMF on its own a new life don't you think?

The out of the box appearance of CMFDefault isn't sexy at all, but if you replace main_template and the stylesheet with your own versions it doesn't look that bad.

What it is missing is a Five bridge. Is this something that we could make happen. I am willing to help (but my ZCML knowledge is not particularly great at this stage). I am not sure when the final CMF 2.0.0 but it would be a real milestone if we could give CMF a new exterior for it's debut as 2.0.

I'm afraid you need a bit more patience. There are many things I'm missing in CMF 2.0, but CMF 2.0 will not be the last CMF release.

If someone figures out what's necessary to use CPSSkins V3 with CMFDefault we might be able to add the necessary hooks in CMF.



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