Hi David!

David Pratt wrote:
Hi Yuppie. Yes, I will give this a try. It is hard to move completely away from old ways and I am migrating but there is a learning curve to this for sure. Once I have set up a marker interface for one folder like this and have it work, at least I will be more comfortable. I may have other questions.

You know that the 'edit-markers.html' view is available in CMF if you enable Five traversal?

Maybe we should add this action to the default profile:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="portal_actions" meta_type="CMF Actions Tool"
 <object name="object">
<object name="interfaces" meta_type="CMF Action" i18n:domain="cmf_default">
   <property name="title" i18n:translate="">Interfaces</property>
   <property name="description"
      i18n:translate="">Assign marker interfaces</property>
<property name="url_expr">string:${object_url}/edit-markers.html</property>
   <property name="icon_expr"></property>
   <property name="available_expr"></property>
   <property name="permissions">
    <element value="Manage portal"/>
   <property name="visible">True</property>

Do you still have the invalid ID problem? I was not able to reproduce it. Do you see these issues also with a default installation or only with browser views enabled?

If you don't answer questions like these it's hard to fix the issues you report.



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