Tres Seaver wrote:
> I'm not sure what Chris meant, but the change to the visual output of
> the testrunner when running "with dots" seems gratuitous to me, as well
> -- I don't see any benefit to the "indented, narrower" output,

Me neither, for what it's worth.

> Zope 2.9 broke the 'confiugre-make' dance in several ways, due (I think)
> to the choice to bolt on^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hretrofit zpkg.

Sort of. It didn't break configure && make. It's just "make install"
that was broken.

I still don't understand why people whine about "make install" being
gone. The point of a checkout is that you have a full functional SVN
working copy, not an installation source. If you want to install things,
use a TGZ archive which lets you do "make install" perfectly fine. I've
never installed Zope anywhere except on production servers anyway, and
there you should obviously use releases.

If you absolutely must use "make install" from a checkout (perhaps
because you want to install the trunk somewhere), then you can make a
TGZ first using zpkg. Though I still don't see the point of it.


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