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On 22 Mar 2006, at 06:15, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
I still don't understand why people whine about "make install" being
gone. The point of a checkout is that you have a full functional SVN
working copy, not an installation source. If you want to install things, use a TGZ archive which lets you do "make install" perfectly fine. I've
never installed Zope anywhere except on production servers anyway, and
there you should obviously use releases.

If you absolutely must use "make install" from a checkout (perhaps
because you want to install the trunk somewhere), then you can make a
TGZ first using zpkg. Though I still don't see the point of it.

This is just like Stefan Richter's continuing arguments against things "he just doesn't use", thus they must be useless. It doesn't wash.

The configure/make/make install dance was the canonical and quick way to install from a checkout _or_ a tarball for years. This should not break, period, whether you're talking about a tarball or a checkout. How can you even do development work when you never install Zope except for on a production server, I don't get it.

What "the point of a checkout" is should be left up to the individual user, by the way. With Zope before 2.9 I get both worlds: It is a pristine SVN working copy, and with the ability to run configure/make/ make install in a *separate* directory without leaving any artifacts in the source tree, it acted as a perfect installation source at the same time. Unfortunately that use case, installing from the source tree into a different place, was broken in 2.9 as well and I sorely miss it. Now I have to copy the whole source tree to the other place before running configure/make and then futz around to get the equivalenet of the broken make install. Extremely annoying.


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