yuppie wrote at 2006-3-21 21:12 +0100:
>> There was a clear result: make the id checker policy configurable --
>> as Zope 3 does.
>Well. That's right but doesn't help us much. We don't have a volunteer 
>for implementing that new feature. And we don't have a consensus what 
>the default policy should be.

If the policy were pluggable, I think that nobody would object
to follow your proposal to use the Zope3 default.

> ...
>Why should I make it configurable?

Because it would be the right way to do it and
because it seems to be the prefered solution by the community.

>I volunteer to fix a serious bug by 
>restoring behavior we had until 6 months ago. An INameChooser based 
>configurable solution would be much more work than just fixing the bug.
>> The same arguments apply in CMF land as in Zope land.
>You deleted the sentence in which I said what's different IMHO:
>> In CMF we plan to use views by default and it's quite common that normal 
>> site members are allowed to add content items.
>So it's more urgent to fix the bug in CMF than in Zope.

I would prefer a mechanism as the current CMF uses it:

   Prevent the creation of a content object only when
   it really conflicts with something.

   Or at least, prevent only ids starting with "@@" or "++"
   (as these are the prefixes really used by Zope 3, right?).
As mentioned in "zope-dev", I am primarily concerned with WebDAV
integration. And our WebDAV using projects are in fact CMF based.

On the other hand, if I am the only objector, do what you propose.
I am able to change it in our Zope version to fit our needs.

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