On 3/23/06, yuppie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> - mapping 'style_slot' to 'css_slot' is an obvious bug, that change
> should be reverted

Why is it a bug? That's not obvious to me at all. Both slots are for
putting style sheets in...

> - the 'header' slot behaves different than in main_template:
> main_template provides default content for 'header', the five_template
> 'header' is empty by default.

OK, syncing that someway seems reasonable.

> 1.) Add a new 'body' slot in main_template that wraps around the
> 'header' and the 'main' slot. You can either use 'body' *or* 'header'
> and 'main'.

For 2.0 I'm ok with this, but note that this will mean that everybody
must add this slot to their templates when they upgrade to 2.0, or all
Five products will break.

> 4.) Change the browser view templates to use 'main' instead of 'body'
> (that no longer maps to 'main').

Well, they *do* use body so we can't change that.

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