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> I have to refine this statement: *For now* I don't want to go down that
> road. In the long run I think we have to keep track of applied profiles.
> That would help to make the setup tool more powerful and to implement
> features like reloading or uninstalling. But AFAICS doing this right
> requires a major refactoring and would come to late for CMF 1.6 or 2.0.

Those features would require a mjor refactoring yes. But just keeping
track in which profiles are installed does not. We only need to keep a
list if it, and display it somewhere.

> I can see that this information might be useful, but it doesn't
> represent a state of the tool or the site. It has more the character of
> (sometimes incomplete) history information and I'd prefer to use the
> logging machinery for that.

Well, whatever, as long as there somewhere is a simple list of which
profiles that has been installed displayed.

> What about adding that information to the import logs and creating an
> import log for the initial site creation as well?

It sounds like the information would be hard to extract...

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