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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I'm coming up against the next item, which is "how to correctly refer to a layer defined somewhere else". In CMFCalendar, I need to make sure the skin layers for CMFDefault are also available. There seem to be two routes I could choose:

- - define my own cmfcalendar skin and layer. Declare it as a combination of layers cmfcalendar, cmf and default.

- - stick my views directly into layer "cmf" and don't worry about defining my own layeer or skin.

I think the second route is the Right Way to do it with Zope 3 style layers. I can't see a need to define an extra layer for CMFCalendar.

Both lead to errors like this:

ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'layer', "ImportError: Couldn't import cmf, No module named cmf")

I guess the problem is the order in which Five loads the configure.zcml files. But I have no idea what's the recommended way to make sure CMFDefault's configure.zcml is loaded first.



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