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Andreas Jung wrote:
Both solution appear a bit "heavy" to me. I solved this issue for TextIndexNG3 by adding generic support for wrapped objects by introducing an IObjectWrapper interface which is checked by the indexer. Using five:implements it is easy to attach this interface - if necessary - to any wrapper class (including [EMAIL PROTECTED]). Writing an adapter for adapting IndexableObjectWrapper to IObjectWrapper is trivial. I think this solution is more straight forward and does not require any changes
to the CMF.

Declaring interfaces correctly is never overkill. And as I mentioned in an earlier reply I already checked in a fix for this. In CMF 1.6.1 and 2.0 you will be able to adept to proxied interfaces.

Your solution seems to be a good workaround for wrapped objects with insufficient interface declarations as in CMF 1.6.0.



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