Hi Andreas!

Not everybody on the Five list is interested in CMF specific questions. Since CMF builds on top of Five you are welcome to ask questions like this one on the Zope-CMF list.

Andreas Jung wrote:
What is the lookup order of context/foo inside a CMF site when I have
both foo.pt inside portal_skins and a brower:page with name="foo" configured
for the particular context object?

Skin method lookup uses __getattr__, so the more general question would be attribute lookup.

The lookup order was changed recently (Zope 2.9.2) as described here: http://codespeak.net/pipermail/z3-five/2006q1/001186.html

So the answer to your question depends on the version you use.

The CMF Method Aliases use __before_publishing_traverse__ which is called before Five traversal. They can be used to map 'foo' to '@@foo', making sure the view wins always over the skin method, regardless of the Five version used.



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