Hi Rocky,

On Sat, 08 Apr 2006 15:31:15 -0230, Rocky Burt wrote:
> I'd like to add a new variable to the TALES namespace for all actions (for
> all existing action providers) on a CMF 1.6.0 site.  We basically have a
> view that provides some global vars that we'd like to expose.
> Does anyone know of a sensible way to do this without monkey patching
> CMFCore.Expression.createExprContext ?
> Or perhaps suggest a different way of accomplishing what we need?

Please also have a look at http://www.zope.org/Members/ree/zptcontext ,
that I just posted in an other thread? I don't exactly overview what you
need but maybe you can use that? (... and of course it is monkey patching.)

The other way is maybe not use global vars in the TALES sense but put them
on the request.

Balazs Ree

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