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It looks like the CMFUid product is plain broken right now on the CMF-2.0-branch (and I assume the trunk), and unfortunately in ways that are not even picked up by the unit tests that come with the product.

Here's a simple way to show the breakage:

- - create a CMF site and select the CMFUid extension profile
- - create some content in the site
- - in the ZMI, go to the portal_uidhandler Query tab and search for some random string

- -> blowup in the logging in CMFUid.UniqueIdHandlerTool._queryBrain

The blowup, first of all, is because the logging call is obviously flawed. But the reason it wants to log something in the first place is because it thinks more than one item exists for the same UID. That's because the index "cmf_uid" does not exist on which the query is based, so the catalog returns everything.

I've been trying to fiddle with this for a bit and end up frustrated. Can someone who knows the product (and cares) please fix it? I personally don't want to spend time on it anymore, I believe this should be done by those who lobbied to get in into the core in the first place.


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