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I finally found some time to have a look at the tseaver-catalog_events branch. The last failing test is fixed now and I have some questions:

Thanks for that, I think I was at a point where I didn't see the forest for the trees.

1.) The ContentishSublocations adapter is not registered by default, just for unit tests. Why?

2.) Instead of using a customized ISublocations adapter and _recurseOpaques in handleObjectEvent: Can't we just add a new subscriber that dispatches to opaque items like dispatchToSublocations dispatches to sublocations?

I think Tres would know best what the original aim was.

I think both ways work. Whichever is best is a matter of taste. Having a second subscriber would mean two recursions more or less in parallel (even though in practice I don't think it would matter); I think I prefer the new ISublocations adapter way.

3.) Does this branch make the unmerged part of the efge-1.5-five-compatible branch obsolete?

Not sure what's in there.

I haven't looked at it in a while or compared it to Tres's, but keep in mind it was just an early experiment to "show the way", I'm pretty sure Tres's work obsoletes it.


Would it make sense to prevent this branch from being left behind more as "normal" development continues by merging it into the trunk and continuing the remaining polishing there?

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