Tres Seaver wrote:

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
It seems GS doesn't have its own list so I'm posting this here - all the
relevant people are here anyway :)

I'm working on GenericSetup support for a number of packages from the
Plone 2.5 bundle but I'm running into a bit of a limitation in GS: the
current catalog export/import routines always use the same single
catalog; support for multiple catalogs is missing.

Looking at the code it shouldn't be too hard to write something that
handles multiple catalogs, but that would mean either creating a new
import/export-step with a new XML file or breaking the format for the
current catalog.xml. I'm not sure what the best approach is at the moment; any opinions?

I would create one XML file per catalog, using the current format, and


modify the export / import step to create / look for a 'catalogs.xml'
file which somehow points to the locations of the catalog(s) within the
site, an maps them to the separate XML files.  The import step would
need to provide BBB for profiles which did not create this new file,
defaulting to a mapping from 'catalog.xml' -> 'portal_catalog'.

I would do that in a different way.

I still believe a refactoring as proposed here would be an improvement, it would also resolve the multiple catalogs issue:

But there is not everything prepared for that change, so for now I'd like to see things done the old way: One import step per tool.

Ideally the names of the XML files created by the export steps correspond to the IDs of the tools. For historical reasons tools starting with 'portal_' loose that part of the name. And there are still some XML files like 'workflows.xml' and 'cachingpolicymgr.xml' that have completely different names.

Besides that naming issue 'importObjects' and 'exportObjects' should work out of the box for other catalogs and adding new handlers requires only a few lines of code.



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