Rob Miller wrote:
yuppie wrote:

What am I missing?

the reason for putting the check in the PageTemplate adapter was because FSPageTemplate objects, inheriting from PageTemplate will also return the PageTemplate adapter, but we don't actually want them to be exported.

the reason for making it a variable on the class was because it allowed me to create the ControllerPageTemplate adapter (which has the same problems w.r.t. FSControllerPageTemplates) as a subclass of this adapter, with the only differences being the __used_for__, suffix, and supported_meta_type values.

of course, this was before i went down the .metadata rabbit-hole. it may disappear as i rethink how that all works.

does that clarify?

Yes. Thanks. I was not aware of the FSPageTemplate issue.

Why can't we mark ZopePageTemplate instead of PageTemplate with the interface we adapt? FSPageTemplate is no subclass of ZopePageTemplate and I can't see why we would need an adapter for PageTemplate.

Cheers, Yuppie

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