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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Log message for revision 68396:
  - fixed the unit tests that failed on Zope 2.10
(There is still one error, but that seems to be caused by a Zope bug.)

Please file collector entries so that we know and eventually fix them.

Tres did that already: http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/2117

+class Expression(Persistent):
security = ClassSecurityInfo() def __init__(self, text):
         self.text = text
-        self._v_compiled = getEngine().compile(text)
+        if text:
+            self._v_compiled = getEngine().compile(text)

May I suggest to make this test more robust for superfluous whitespace?:

        if test.strip():
            self._v_compiled = getEngine().compile(text)

Good idea. Done.

Modified: CMF/trunk/CMFCore/tests/test_Expression.py
--- CMF/trunk/CMFCore/tests/test_Expression.py  2006-05-30 16:10:52 UTC (rev 
+++ CMF/trunk/CMFCore/tests/test_Expression.py  2006-05-30 16:18:49 UTC (rev 
@@ -49,21 +49,34 @@
     def test_anonymous_ec(self):
         self.portal.portal_membership = DummyMembershipTool()
         ec = createExprContext(self.folder, self.portal, self.object)
-        member = ec.global_vars['member']
+        if hasattr(ec, 'contexts'):
+            member = ec.contexts['member']
+        else:
+            # BBB: for Zope 2.9
+            member = ec.global_vars['member']

Please file a collector issue for this BBB problem.

I don't think this BBB issue has to be resolved in Zope. AFAICS global_vars is not part of the API and CMF used it just for unit test hacks.



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