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This checkin seems to have broken Zope 2.8-compatibility:

http://svn.zope.org/GenericSetup/trunk/tests/common.py? rev=68391&r1=41338&r2=68391

Specifically, the line "from zope.testing.cleanup import cleanUp" breaks Zope 2.8, I checked all stable tags (2.8.5, 2.8.6, 2.8.7) and there is no toplevel name "cleanUp" in zope.testing.cleanup.

DEPENDENCIES.txt still claims it works with Zope 2.8.5 and higher. One or the other needs changing, either DEPENDENCIES.txt needs updating or, if this breakage was inadvertently introduced, common.py needs fixing.

Since we bill Plone 2.5 as compatible with Zope 2.8, and since 1.6 had a lot to do with Plone 2.5 and GenericSetup, this seem a bit strange, not to mention unfortunate from a Plone perspective. I understand it's only in the tests, but if we can't run the tests on 2.8, we can't know whether it works there! :)


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