Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote:
Finally started working on migrating to Zope 2.9.3/CMF 2!

Trying to get some GenericSetup functionality around my classes.

You did find the how-to in GenericSetup/doc?

I've created my own "adapter" which is based on PropertiesXMLAdapter (for

What do you mean by "based on"? I can't see PropertiesXMLAdapter used below.

For some reason however, queryMultiAdapter seems intent on returning
PropertiesXMLAdapter, and not my own!

I have:


class PortalLocalizerTool(UniqueObject, SimpleItemWithProperties):



<configure xmlns="http://namespaces.zope.org/zope";>

  <adapter factory=".portallocalizer.PortalLocalizerXMLAdapter"/>



class PortalLocalizerXMLAdapter(XMLAdapterBase, PropertyManagerHelpers):

    """ XML im- and exporter for properties. """

    adapts(IPortalLocalizer, ISetupEnviron)


The import step works but using the wrong adapter :(

Did I miss something?

Can't see anything wrong. What do your import and export steps look like? importSiteProperties and exportSiteProperties are very special because they configure the site object itself, not a tool within the site.



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