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Florent Guillaume wrote:

Let's not forget also that the goal in CMF 2 (I think) is to have all content be unicode strings, never encoded ones. In that case GenericSetup only has to deal with the XML file's encoding (always UTF-8 anyway) but that's all.

That's a long term goal. AFAICT nobody is working on it.

CPS 3 was a pure-latin1 application for various historical reasons, so we modified a number of I/O adapters so that they encode/decode properly what GenericSetup works with. CPS 3.4 tends to remove the hardcoding of latin-1 to the site's default_charset property, but that's not been taken into account everywhere, although it should.

CPS 4 will be purely unicode, and won't need all that shit.

Also configuration data? I guess CPS 4 will still use some CMF tools and a lot of work will be necessary to make them play nice with unicode.



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