yuppie wrote:
Yves Bastide wrote:

converter is field2string, default_encoding is ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.default_encoding = 'iso-8859-15' (not to mistake for ZPublisher.Converters.default_encoding = 'iso-8859-15').

These default_encoding's are set by Zope2.Startup.datatypes.default_zpublisher_encoding (i.e. zope.conf's default-zpublisher-encoding directive).

So GenericSetup has to use ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.default_encoding as well. Right?

I think so. Or ZPublisher.Converters.default_encoding whose name may be more explicit (default_zpublisher_encoding sets {Converters,HTTPRequest,HTTPResponse}.default_encoding)

If CMF is messing around with other encodings (like using the site's default_charset for the portal titel) it has to override that.

If using utf-8 was the wrong approach your test_utils patch has to be modified as well.

It first needs to fail in the current setup ...

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