Using Zope 2.9.3 and CMF 2.0.0

I'm deciding on what should be EXTENSION profiles, vs. BASE, and what should
go in each.

One criteria is whether an EXTENSION can be added later on, after a given
site has existed for a while.

So I created 2 EXTENSIONs, and am using a different for_ interface. (So
CMFDefault doesn't get in my way)

When I add these extensions at portal creation time, all is well.

I'm a little confused as to the steps to create them after that.

So far, I've figured out I can go to portal_setup properties and change the
"active configuration" to the extension one.  I can then do an import of
that extension from the Import tab.  I then switch back the active

This was working well when I only had one extension, but I now have two, and
what I've noticed is that no matter which I select, BOTH get installed!

They have different adapters, interface definitions, and everything.  And in
the log, only the one adapter claims to do an import ... Yet both show up!

Is this normal?  What am I missing?

Also related, what exactly is meant by "active site configuration" anyways?

To send positive thoughts: This GenericSetup thing is beautiful.  The
ability to have easily configured multiple portals on a similar code
base/installation should proove very useful!  Also allows lots of sharing of
components.  I'm also starting ot get used to the Five/Zope 3 way of doing
things, and learning to love it :)


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