Katja Süss wrote:
that's what I feard that you mean by including. Using a snapshot means using a snapshot. Ähm. means setting up a fixed configuration. I thougt it could be possible with GS not only to install a product by applying its profile, but also to apply its profile programmatically. This would prepare for a setup-'product', that not only configures properties, groups, etc, but also install all dependencies (products). This would be the alternative to use the quickinstaller to install several products during installation of one major product to setup a site As long as I don't know how to (hope you understand my english..) bundle the raw configuration(props, groups, docs,..) and installation of products in one single product, tool or whatever. I have to apply the configuration profile of MyProjectSetup, than the profiles of the products, like MyProduct, and apply the profile of MyProjectTheme.

Maybe you are looking for something like this?

You can either use addConfiguredSite are write a similar function that applies all profiles you need.

HTH, Yuppie

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