Doyon, Jean-Francois wrote:
Yes, by "both" I mean I check one box in the Import tab, and 2 things show
up.  I select one extension, and the 2 extensions defined against that
particular interface show up.

I haven't done it yet, but I suspect when I add a third, all 3 will appear

I have still no idea what's going wrong here. If you deselect "Include dependencies?" and push "Import selected steps" only the selected steps should be imported.

Ah ok ... Thanks for the explanation re: "active site configuration".  From
what you say, I think the behavior I'd expected was that switching profiles
would change what is listed in Import in that only the things related to
that profile can be imported.

So if my extension defines one import step, I switch to that active
configuration, go to the import tab, and see ONE import step, NOT a
cumulated list.

Once this is done, I can go back to my site profile, and see that the
Import/Export tabs now have a new item.

At least that's how, I as as user expected it to work.  Switching profiles
and always seeing a big list of things that I know have nothing to do with
the selected profile, is counter intuitive IMO.

I don't know anybody who claims it's intuitive.

Anyways, back to the original problem, I just want to make sure the intent
is to have the ability to add extentions after the creation of a site.  So
long as the answer is yes, I can live with that for now, knowing I can
develop certain things as extensions.  I can help track down the bug later,
right now I'm still focused on core functionality.

Yes. This is the intent and it works for me.



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