Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I just looked over the CMF roadmap document since we're supposed to have a 2.1 beta in a matter of weeks and now I'm wondering if this is possible/desirable right now:


First of all, some of the work items on the list are half-finished or still off on some branch.

A look at CHANGES.txt confirms that so far only a few changes landed on trunk, nothing that justifies a new feature release:


But back to the roadmap:

In general I have to say that the "Champion" column is a bit misleading. The people mentioned there are people who contributed to those tasks, but they never took over responsibility for finishing those tasks in time for CMF 2.1. Additional manpower is needed to accomplish the goals set for the next release.

For the last 3 tasks on the roadmap I can give some hints where we are right now:

Convert all views over to Zope 3-style views

This is a big project. Some skin scripts/templates are already prepared for converting them to Five views, for them it is more or less a mechanical task. But many skin methods have to be completely refactored. And there are hundreds of items in the skins.

So far we did not touch non-content views. We used Method Aliases to hook in content views, but that's no suitable solution for other views.

Make the new Zope 3-style views the standard views

The views we have are far from perfect. The patterns used made it easy to convert skin methods, but there are good reasons why they are labeled 'experimental'.

I'm optimistic formlib and viewlets can help us to solve some issues and make the views more generic, but I still did not find the time to have a closer look at this. And if we agree on new patterns based on formlib and viewlets all views have to be refactored.

And of course there are still no tests. I'm not sure if we should declare victory before we have tests.

Use of Zope 3-style container events throughout

The work done so far was pure cleanup and there are still some manage_* methods. The event handlers do just the same the old manage_* methods did, we have not started to use the new possibilities provided by the events machinery.



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