Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I just looked over the CMF roadmap document since we're supposed to have a 2.1 beta in a matter of weeks and now I'm wondering if this is possible/desirable right now:

First of all, some of the work items on the list are half-finished or still off on some branch. Secondly, when comparing our roadmap to the Plone roadmap...

... I'm not sure if we need a 2.1 right now. We seem to be producing one-off release branches that are either not used at all or used sporadically by specific projects. By the way, Florent, do you guys have such a roadmap doc that I can look at once in a while? Something that at least says "version X is planned for Y and will run on CMF version Z".

Not as such, for now the CPS 3.4 line is in maintenance mode and will keep using CMF 1.6.1.

CPS 4 is in heavy development and doesn't yet require changes from the CMF features present in 1.6, appart maybe from GenericSetup bugfixes w.r.t. unicode. We use z3 views and events in CPS, but don't really require CMF to use them (we hardly use CMF-provided skins anymore).

We certainly don't require a 2.1 release anytime soon.

The current roadmap is here:


Also, one of the highly desirable items on the list, the local skin customization, has an outside dependency that we need to wait on.

So, what's the consensus? Do we postpone 2.1 to get more things done? Do we cut the list of planned features down and create yet another release branch that might not even be used? I'm hoping this discussion can foster more active collaboration on roadmaps between the different "CMF customers". There's no sense following a strict time-based policy that is currently out of sync with what the "customers" want/need.


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