Frédéric LESUEUR wrote at 2006-6-23 10:03 +0200:
>Le Jeudi 22 Juin 2006 20:00, vous avez écrit :
>> LESUEUR Frédéric wrote at 2006-6-22 15:08 +0200:
>> This, meanwhile (CMF 1.5 and up) should have been fixed.
>ok thanks, this is what i'm thinking, it fail with object that are call 
>without view (like stylesheet or FSImage ...). Maybe it's ok with newer 
>version of CMF (>=1.5), i can't test at this time.
>It's a CMF (1.4.7) inside a version 3.2.3 of CPS.

If you care, you can backport the change to your older CMF version...

Of course, upgrading might be a better option...

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