Speaking with my Plone 3.0 release manager hat on:

Since Plone is one of the larger users of CMF I figured it would be nice
to make sure you are aware of the release schedule for Plone 3.0. The
important dates are:

- August 28: proposal freeze, review bundles ready for review
- September 25: framework team finished reviewing bundles
- October 8: final verdict for all bundles
- November 30: first beta release
- January 22: first release candidate
- March 12: release

One of the interesting changes in Plone 3.0 is the move to CMF 2.1.
Hanno Slichting has been working hard on that and things are looking
good. If anyone is interested in testing his current efforts you can
use the bundle at http://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/review/plip148-cmf21-bundle .

Since I want to try to stick to the dates from the release schedule it
is important for us that CMF 2.1 will be ready on time. I would like to
ship the first Plone 3.0 beta with as much final versions of underlying
infrastructure as possible, which means that if CMF 2.1 final can be
ready by November 30 I'ld be very happy.


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