Miles Waller wrote at 2006-8-11 16:17 +0100:
> ...
>I stepped through the code and somehow it thinks the user 'admin' is the 
>owner.  I think this is being acquired from somewhere (not sure where). 
>  I added the line _owner = None at the class level in 
>CMFCore.DTMLMethod (analagous to that in CMFCore.FSPythonScript) and 
>everything worked correctly but I'm confused.

If assigning to "_owner" changes something, then the issue
is with the "executable ownership" (this is maintained in "_owner").

An executable object (in this case your DTMLMethod) cannot have
more permissions than its (executable) owner.

In your case, the executing user has more permissions -- but
this does not help.

You may be able to change the executable owner of your DMTLMethod
with the "Take ownership" tab of the object.

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