Raphael Ritz wrote:
> Tres Seaver schrieb:
> [..]
>> Yep -- this is how the "typical" site uses those dates.  However, some
>> folks want actual workflow transitions to happen ASAP after each date
>> passes.  In that case, you need to write a periodic task which searches
>> for objects which are in the "between" state (e.g., their expiration
>> date has passed but they are still "active"), and cause the workflow
>> tool to "tickle" the transition machinery.  E.g., as a Python Script::
>>   # untested
>>   for brain in context.portal_catalog.searchResults(
>>                         review_state="published",
>>                         expiration_date={'query': ZopeTime(),
>>                                          'operator': 'max'}):
>>       obj = brain.getObject()
>>       wf_tool.doActionFor(ob, 'expire')
> Yep. And just reinforcing the obvious:
> Trigger the script Tres mentioned on a regular basis
> yourself, either using a cron job or Zope's ClockServer
> from Chris (included in Zope 2.10 now?)
>     http://plope.com/software/ClockServer/

Yup, included.

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