Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
Jens mentioned that there still is a fair amount of outstanding work for
2.1; I'm hoping to be able to still use an alpha release with the
current featureset.

I was under the impression there were a few "show-stoppers" that needed CMF 2.1 (and in some cases Five) support that weren't there yet, like the "customize a skin item". Are there any items you know are missing? You seem to apply you have everything you need.

Five will eventually get the "customize a template-based Zope 3 style view" story, but not before Five 1.6. In fact, to do this cleanly, some cleanup in Zope 3.4 would be nice (but not necessary). I plan to work on this at the Plone Conf sprints in Seattle, based on the experience and the prototype from the PyCON sprint.

You guys should probably not take this as a show stopper for CMF 2.1. I'm not at all into CMF development, but it seems most of the items from the roadmap have indeed not been completed. So how is CMF 2.1 different from CMF 2.0 now?

Looking at there are quite a few items we were hoping to get in that aren't finished yet.

By the way, the roadmap has the Five version numbers wrong. See


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