How can I do    for type in types:        if type in
           t = pttool.getTypeInfo(type)
           t.global_allow = 0
for standard ATContentTypes
when using GenericSetup for a product?
Thanks for any hints,
You shouldn't need to "post-process" the type information objects,
because they have the 'global_allow' attribute stored in the profile
data:  just arrange to have that value be False

E.g., instead of::

 <property name="global_allow">True</property>

change it to::

 <property name="global_allow">False</property>

Ok, I do it like this for my custom types. But what to do with
ATDocument, etc?

If you are creating a "base" profile (one which controls the *entire*
site), then you will have 'types/ATDocument.xml' inside it, and can
modify that flag yourself.  If you *aren't* creating a base profile,
then why would you want to modify the types created in the base?
"Extension" profiles are normally "additive" to the site.

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why not? A product with custom content types and one or two of standard content 
types allowed only in defined folderish custom types.
As I don't need to modify for example ATFile I don't want to subclass this only 
to make it not allowed in general. For the moment I don't see another way to 
create a profiles/install/types/ATFile.xml
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