The organization I work for has stringent metadata requirements, and as such I 
am now focusing my attention on metadata support in Zope and the CMF.

(Zope 2.10, CMF 2.0.0)

A few questions:

1) Are there GenericSetup import/export scripts out there for the metadata 
tool? I need to add elements and controlled vocabularies.

2) Some DC elements support the idea of schemes for specifying controlled 
vocabularies (notably the Subject), has anyone implemented functionality 
supporting this in their CMF?  Has there been discussion on the topic?

3) The policies defined in the metadata tool don't seem to be enforced in the 
Dublin Core implementation.  Any great reason?  Otherwise, I'm going to try 
tying specific schema implementations (Such as DCMI, though I have others) into 
the tool, for actual policy enforcement.

Right now it's looking like my end goal is:

1) GenericSetup-driven tool configuration, for per site metadata policy 

2) Extension beyond DCMI

3) Support many possible vocabularies through scheme support for a given 
element policy.

3) Support remote vocabularies through web services/xml files.

4) Tie schema implementation such as DublinCoreImpl into the policy tool for 

This is a fair amount of work, so before I embark upon it, I figured I'd see 
who's done/thought what out there along those lines ...


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